JFK Lancer 2023
November In Dallas Conference
Friday Nov. 17th, Saturday Nov. 18th,
Sunday Nov. 19th

Held by JFK Lancer and Larry Hancock

Announcing the 2023 November in Dallas Conference! Welcome to the 27th annual
JFK Lancer Conference's information page.
Each year we honor the legacy of
President John F. Kennedy and strive to better understand the facts of his assassination.

Speakers and Guests from all over the globe participate in this exciting event, 
to share the latest findings in the case, revisit eyewitness testimonies,
and dare to challenge the status quo.

JFK Lancer 2023 November In Dallas Conference!

 Speakers  Topic
 Alan Dale & John Newman  TBA
 Alex Harris  The DCA Film
 Andrew Kiel  TBA
 Bart Kamp  Prayer Man, MoreThan a Fuzzy Picture 
 Bill Simpich  Twelve Persons of Interest 
 Brent Holland  Ted Sorenson and JFK
 Carmine Savastano  Official Destruction and Alteration of the JFK Assassination Evidence
 Chuck Ochelli  Introducing Speaker & Breakout Room Presentations   
 David Boylan  Sylvia Odo and Her Visitors
 David Boylan & Larry Hancock  The Red Bird Leads
 Dick Russell  TBA
 Doug Campbell, Larry Hancock, & David Boylan  General Walker Panel
 Eric Hunley & Mark Groubert     TBA
 Greg Doudna  General Walker Shooting 
 James Corbett  JFK: From Mongoose to Gladio
 Janet Groden & Robert Groden  TBA
 Jeff Meek  Buddy Walthers: A Bullet Found, A House in Town 
 Jefferson Morley  TBA
 Jim Gochenaur  The Deposition
 Johnathon Cairns  Assassination 60
 Larry Schnapf  TBA
 Matthew Douthit  November 22, 1963: The Other Murder - The Death of Officer Tippit
 Monica Perez-Jimenez  The Dictator's Daughter
 Mike Swanson  TBA
 Paul Bleau  The Chokeholds: A Modern/Legalistic Approach to Proving There was a Conspiracy in the Murder of JFK
 Rex Bradford  State of the JFK Records
 Rex Bradford & Stuart Wexler  The Improvement of Accessing Records Through the Years
 Rob Clark & Joe Borelli   The Martins
 Robert (Reynolds) Nelson  The Don Reynold's Story
 Stuart Wexler  TBA
 Vince Palamara  Paul Landis Claims



    In Person Conference Only - $179.99
    In Person & Digital Download - $219.99
    Student Price (Conference Only) - $34.99
    Virtual Conference Only - $70.99
    Virtual Conference & Digital Download - $124.99

* The "In-Person Conference" includes admission to the Banquet on the 18th and access to rewatch the presentations until the 30th of November on assassinationconference.com

**  The "In-Person Conference and Digital Download" includes admission to the Banquet on the 18th,  access to rewatch the presentations until the 30th of November on assassinationconference.com, the digital downloads (starting the first week of December), and 1 month free of our streaming service (coming soon). 

***To receive the student price, please check out using your student email address as verification. You will have access to everything listed in the conference only price. If you would like to purchase the digital downloads at a discounted price, send an email to gabriella.jfklancer@gmail.com.

**** The "Virtual Conference Only" price will give you access to the conference online and access to rewatch the presentations until the 30th of November.

***** The "Virtual Conference and Digital Download" price gives you access to the conference online, ability to rewatch the presentations until the 30th of November, and the ability to download the digital files starting the first week of December.

For single day tickets and baquet only tickets, please reach out to Gabriella at gabriella.jfklancer@gmail.com.


Thank you for supporting "JFK Lancer" and your patience waiting for our website to be back online.